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1.  The countries covered here are all very fascinating and one should resist covering them in the short time I did
(which I did so due to my peculiar circumstances).
2.    The occurrence of a few negative events may unfairly affect my opinion of certain places, and consequently the tone or language used in my travelogue.  However, these do not constitute any intention to insult the people and culture of any country.
3.    Some names and personal details have been modified to protect the privacy of individuals.
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Havana: Hasta La Victoria Siempre  

More of cool Havana

My Mojito at the Bodeguita ; Pinar del Rio


Panama City: Canal blues


Cold and hot welcome to Guatemala: Detained again. Antigua: A pleasant surprise

The streets of beautiful Antigua

Lago Atitlan: One of the most beautiful lakes in the world

Chichicastenango: Sacrificial Bloodbath

Xela / Quatzaltenango: More Mayan idols

HONDURAS: Copan: Florence of the Mayan world

Tikal: Manhattan of the Mayan world

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