Wee Cheng in Western Europe

Across History & Fault-lines (2001)
Danish Delights 
Denmark (2000)

Faroe Islands
Green Mountainous Heaven in the North Atlantic (2002) 

Fa                        Gibraltar

            England in the Mediterranean (1999)

Greenland is Ice and Iceland is Green
A Short Trip to the Arctic (2001)
Rome: Lesser-Known Sights etc (200)
Seville's April Fair : Spain at its Best
let's go Latin ! (1993)

Luxembourg & Trier (2000)

Bologna: A Strange Encounter & Tea With Mussolini (2001)
Bull Fight and Suckling Pig
The Political Murals of Belfast 
A Red Hand, the Pope & Che Guevara
photo gallery & travelogue
San Marino: A Small Republic That Said No To Napoleon (plus Ravenna) (2001)
Cymru -Land of Heroes & Culture
 Wales (1997)
Notting Hill Carnival 98
Anti-Capitalist Riots Jun 99
An Eye-Witness Account 

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