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Day 1: Come, Celebrate Day of the Sun in Land of the Kim's

Day 2:  Kaesong Needs The Light Of The Great Leader

Day 3: In Panmunjom, They Say The Americans Started The Korean War!

Day 4:  Kim Il Sung Won The Korean War

Day 5: Electricity for the Great Leaderís Toys

Day 6: The Weirdest Flower Show On Earth 

 - Story & Pictures of the 8th International Kimilsunglia

            - Pyongyang Celebrates Kim Il Sung's Birthday at Night

Day 7: Whither The Axis of Evil?

Day 8: The Yalu Bridge Leads To The Future


Military Museum - Picture Courtesy of Peter Deegan

Background Music: Song of General Kim Jong Il (Courtesy of this fantastic site by John Kohji Suguiyama)

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Kim Jong-il : North Korea's Dear Leader (Michael Breen) North Korea: The Bradt Travel Guide (Robert Willoughby) Lonely Planet Korea (Korea, 5th Ed) (Robert Storey)


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