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Wee Cheng's chief writing interests relate to geopolitics, travel and history, although he had also written about business and economics issues.

In 1993, together with Choo Boon Yong and Tan Tong Wee, he published an article "Takeovers & Mergers: Does The Acquired Company Really Benefit ?" in the September 1993 issue of the Stock Exchange of Singapore Journal, in which he explored whether corporate takeovers do bring economic benefits to the companies concerned. 

Wee Cheng had also written a short essay about Singapore in Southern African Today Magazine published by the South African Department of Foreign Affairs.

In 2003, Wee Cheng had an article "Islands of the Moon - Decay & Illusion in the Comoros" published in the US online publication 2003 Soboka Mainline Anthology (Diacritica Press). Wee Cheng's articles have also appeared in various travel writing sites or portals, such as Bootsnall, 2camels.com and thingsasian.com

In 2004, his essay about Bintan - "Cakes And Gods Across Historic Waterways", was published in the online edition of the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore Vol.
3 No. 4 Jul 2004

Magazines & Other Publications

Wee Cheng's first book, "The Greenland Seal Hunter - Travel Tales From Distant Lands", which is a collection of his travel tales from places ranging from Greenland to Madagascar and Mongolia, was published in October 2004.   Reviews of this book has appeared in Today, Berita Harian, IS Magazine and NTUC Lifestyle.  Wee Cheng had also spoken at the Writers' Cafe and was invited to appear on "Living Room", a radio show on Mediacorp's News Radio 93.8FM.

Wee Cheng on print and broadcast media

Wee Cheng had also been interviewed about his travels on Channel 8's Good Morning Singapore (新 加坡早安您好) on 3 Dec 08 and The New Paper on 3 Feb 09.  The same story was picked up by Straits Times Interactive Breaking News and Asiaone.com within a few days.  The New Paper interviewed Wee Cheng on 23 Jan 09 about his founding of the UNESCO World Heritage Site for Singapore Facebook Group. (Also see AsiaOne.com on 25 Jan 09).  Wee Cheng was also interviewed on The Straits Time on 12 Apr 09 on the same issue.  Lianhe Wanbao (联合晚报) on 17 Aug 09 on his travels to "half the globe".

Wee Cheng's second book, Hot Spots and Dodgy Places, was published in August 2009.  He has been interviewed by Radio 938Live (11 Sept 09), Men's Health Singapore (15 Sept 09), Channel News Asia (17 Sept 09) and  Sunday Times (4 Oct 09) on his book and philosophy of life.  He conducted a talk and book-signing session at Kinokuniya Ngee Ann City on 31 Oct 2009.

Wee Cheng's third book, Exotic Places and Dodgy Places, which is a revised version of his first book, with significant new content, photos and maps, was out on the book stores in December 2010.

Voodoo Kingdoms and Dodgy Places, about Wee Cheng's journey through West Africa, was published as an eBook by Nomadic Republic in 2012.