"Gone to Patagonia for six months"
Bruce Chatwin, announcing his departure in that famous telegram to his editors

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In the interior lives a monster called the Grand Patagon, with the 'head of a Dogge' and the feet of a hart, but gifted with human understanding and amorous of women...  He rides out, fells the Patagon with a single sword thrust, and trusses him up with the leash of his two pet lions.  The Patagon dyes the grass red with blood, roars 'so dreadfully that it would have terrified the very stoutest hearte', but recovers and licks his wound clean 'with his huge broade tongue'.

Bruce Chatwin, In Patagonia


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BRUCE CHATWIN (1940 - 1989)
the icon of modern travel writing & prophet of Patagonia

By Buck, Daniel, about Bruce Chatwin & his book, In Patagonia
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(which I did so due to my peculiar citcumstances).
2.    The occurrence of a few negative events may unfairly affect my opinion of certain places, and consequently the tone or language used in my travelogue.  However, these do not consitute any intention to insult the people and culture of any country.
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