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Long Chuan Dian - Alexandra Rd 25 June 2004

A Taoist ceremony organised by Long Chuan Dian along Alexandra Road / Redhill MRT, Singapore, June 2004

25 June 2004

Thanks to Victor on the lead.  I went to the tentages at the empty land next to Redhill MRT.  It's the temple "Long Chuan Dian" (in Mnadarin) celebrating the birthdays of Cheng Wan (City God) and Twa Ya Peh (Mandarin: Da Er Yeh).  Da Er Yeh refer to the two Nether Gods - the tall Bai Wu Chang and the short Hei Wu Chang. 
The ceremonies began on Thu night when the Jade Emperor "arrived".  Since then, there have been wayang performances and this will continue for the next few days.  On Sat night, there will be "spiritual consultation" at 8:15pm.   On Monday 8:10pm, there will be a major spirit possession ceremony during which visitors are requested not to wear black clothing.    On Tuesday 10pm, there will be possession by "Ji Gong", the monk deity, who will send off the various gods, thus ending the celebrations.
Wee Cheng

28 June 2004

Hi folks,

Following up on Wee Cheng's information, I went avisiting. Oophs, when I reached there, I remembered Wee Cheng's advice about wearing black. I was wearing a black t-shirt! Looking around, there were some with black t-shirt as well. So, it was not so bad.
When I reached there at about 8.10pm, there was quite a queue of people - young and old, waiting patiently with their pack of joss-papers and a paper-doll. I mingled with the crowd and watch the spirit mediums getting into trance.
On the right (as seen from the statues) was the nether world. I am not sure if it was "Twa Ya Peh" or "Li Ya Peh" getting into trance. The medium was dressed in blue with a tall hat and the words "Yi Qian Fa Cai" and has his face painted dark green. His tongue was surprisingly red, with which he would use to put the seal on and then pressed against the devotee's back (shirt).
While this was going on, the centre of the tentage was dedicated to the Monkey God. The medium was dressed with the two long feathery tail (as seen in operas) and had his long metal pole. The way he walked, looking about, and scratched his body was exactly as what you would see in the movie of the Monkey God and even the monkeys!
He had a chair carried to the front of the wayang (opera) and he sat on it. No, not on the chair but on the side or on the back of the chair, looking at the opera and enjoying the different fruits, bananas, grapes and yes, peaches. He shared with the assistants and even offered to the old ladies and young children who were there watching the Hokkien opera.
I did not stay to know how long he stayed to enjoy the rather humourous Hokkien opera. (^^) There was quite a crowd of old people and young children watching the opera. Redhill is a mature estate, but with the redevelopment of the old flats to new, such a community may also disperse in time to come.
Victor Yue

29 June 2004

According to Victor's description, it should be 'Tua Ya Peh' in the trance.  'Li Ya Peh' will have always have his face painted black. The green face 'Tua Ya Peh' is the one from the 7th Hall (Qi Dian).

Another way to differentiate the two wold be - 'Tua Ya Peh's body is more is upright when walking and normally carrys a white or red colured 'ling pai' while 'Li Ya Peh' would stoop very low and carries a chain and a black colour 'ling pai' which is square.

Hope this helps! 





The festival tent, with the altar of the Jade Emperor ahead


Festival schedule


Tua Ya Peh (Da Yeh Bo or Bai Wu Chang in Mandarin) The Great Lord


Li Ya Peh (Er Yeh Bo or Hei Wu Chang in Mandarin) The Second Lord


The altar dedicated to Hei Bai Wu Chang and the City God


Altar facing the wayang stage, dedicated to the Bai Hu / Hu Yeh (White Tiger/ Tiger Lord)


Another altar facing the wayang


Altar dedicated to the Taoist saints, on the altar to the  Heavenly Gods




Table of feast for the Gods of Hell, at the entrance to the shrine to Hell




Painting on the 18 levels of Hell


The Court of Hell


The Gods of the Land and City


Punishment of the evildoers in Hell


Justice in Hell








Shrine of Hell


Guardians of Hell


Shrine of Hell


The Chief Gods of Hell


Administrator Gods of the 18 levels of Hell


Painting: The Five Heavenly Protector Gods


 The Five Heavenly Protector Gods & their Horses




Clothes for the Heavenly Warriors

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