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"I am sure that the first idea of a Turkish mosque came to someone who saw two cypress trees, one on either side of a small round hill."

Freya Stark, Letter, 12 Feb 1940, in Dust in the Lion's Paw, 1961

Turkey is a fascinating country ! This is a country ruled by many civilizations and empires - Hittites, Urartians, Assyrians, Greeks, Commagene, Romans, Byzantines and the Ottomans - and their relics dotted the country. Despite a surface area that is only about the size of France and Germany combined, Turkey's unique geographical features has blessed the country with diverse climatic conditions, from alpine coolness to the oven-hotness of the desert. If one visits the Mediterranean city of Antalya in April/May, he/she can swim in the warm seas and then after an hour's journey up the alpine Taurus Mountains, ski. During my two week-stay in this country, I have seen places that reminded me of the snow-capped beauty of the Swiss Alps, the rolling plains of the English Midlands as well as the dry savanna-deserts of the Australian Outback.

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Who are the Turks ?
Istanbul - Glories of the Ottomans
Cappadocia - Land of Fairy Chimneys
The East - Land of Hope & Agony
Ankara - City of Ataturk

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    Who are the Turks ? And things Turkish...

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