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Timor Leste 2005

Democratic Republic of Timor Leste

Land of Pristine White Beaches, Untouched Reefs & A Most Friendly People

Once upon a time, a boy saved a crocodile and in return for the favour, he brought the boy round the world on its back.  When the crocodile died, its body grew and grew until its spine became mountains and its scales the hills of Timor.  Hence the crocodile shaped island of Timor.

Dili - The Sleepy Capital of Timor Leste

By the Beaches of Dili

Inland Areas - Into The Misty Mountains

Guan Di Miao - Chinese Temple in Dili

The Eastern End - On The Way To Com, Tutuala & Los Palos

Com & the Friendly People of Timor Leste

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