Journey To Beauty & Chaos In Paradise Islands

Madagascar: Zebu Fight & House Completion Ceremony


Tan Wee Cheng, Singapore  (July 2003)

"The selected zebu, for some unknown reasons, became horny, jumped onto a female zebu and tried to fornicate with it, with its organ erect.  The crowd roared with laughter.  The company in the ring had to beat the oversexed zebu off the female zebu and then led the other zebus out of the ring, leaving only the selected one."

The New House March Of The Zebu


The Zebu Fight Begins

The Sacrificial Zebu Is Selected
The Sacrifice Locals Watching The Zebu Fight


"First a trickle of blood flowed into the vase, which soon turned into a bright red fountain spurting out in a spectacular though gory fashion.  The crowd cheered to indicate approval.  The vase of blood was then raised from the ground carefully, and brought to the new house, while the butcher proceeded to cut up the zebu to distribute the meat to the honoured guests.  At the new house, the blood was poured into zebu horns hollowed into a kind of drinking vessel, and then poured in different parts of the building for heavenly blessing."

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