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History: This site was first created on 25 February 1996 using Hotdog website editing software. The main focus then was my 1995 journey through Eastern Europe and Turkey. Between 1996 and 1999, additional pages on Sichuan Province, Middle East, Central Asia, philately and economics were created using Netscape Composer. From 2000 onwards, Microsoft Frontpage was used to create new pages, plus the use of Paintshop Pro and Ulead Photo Explorer.  Prior to 2003, a Fujifilm digital camera was used but the author has since switched to an Olympus C730 Ultra Zoom (10x optical zoom).  Some images of the North Korean site were taken using a conventional camera and scanned using a HP Scanjet 5530 Photosmart scanner, courtesy of HP. 

The following major websites were added subsequently: Morocco (1999), Patagonia/Argentina/Chile/Uruguay (2000), Caucasus (2000), Cuba/Central America (2001), Greenland/Iceland (2001), Round The World (2003), Indian Ocean (2003), North Korea (2004).

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Other Interesting Facts: A photo from this site ( was featured on the cover of a CD by the Gravitate Band in Melbourne, Australia.