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"Every cultured man has two homelands: The first is his country of birth ; the second is Syria."
Syrian tourism slogan
Ancient Alphabets 

Table showing ancient alphabets of Syria and the surrounding countries - Ugarit, Aramaeic, Moabic, Palmyraene, Petran, Babylos, etc

Broken Family 

Royal divorce decree 
Ugarit (Ras shamra), 1250 B.C., Clay 
National Museum, Damascus 
This clay tablet is a decree of the Hittite King Tudhaliya IV regarding the divorce of King Ammistomru II of Ugarit from the daughter of Benteshina, King of Amurru, the return of the dowry, and the royal succession in Ugarit. 

Post card
The Ruler, the Modern God-King 

President Hafiz al-Assad 
His portrait is everywhere - on buses, highways, hill-sides, shops and every building - public or otherwise...  

Post Card
Big Brother 

Encounters with Assad at the Post Office HQ

Islamic Damascus
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