Wee Cheng in Central  Europe & ex-USSR


On the Georgian Military Highway, near the Russian/Chechen border

Mad Rush Thru' Eastern Europe & Turkey (1995)
Austia - Slovenia - Croatia - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria - Turkey 
From Baltic to the Black Sea (1998)
A Journey through the Frontier Lands of Europe
 Latvia - Lithuania - Belarus - Ukraine - Moldova - Transdnestria 
Crosses & Mountains (2000)
Adventures in the Western Caucasus 
Armenia, Karabakh & Georgia 
Heart of the Silk Road (1998)
Ex-Soviet Central Asia:
Kazakstan - Kyrgyzstan - Tajikistan - Uzbekistan

Poland: Salt Mines, Holocaust & Phoenix Rising Fr Ashes (2001)
A Short Trip to Kraków, Auschwitz and Warsaw

Wee Cheng's 2002 Round The World Journey- Balkans including Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo & Albania Wee Cheng's 2002 Round The World Journey- Russia/Siberia/Azerbaijan/Turkmenistan



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