Wee Cheng in the Americas


americas collage

View of the spectacular tepuis and jurassic landscape shortly after take off from Canaima airport (Venezuela). Skirting the forbidding cliffs of Auyantepui (Venezuela).


Greenland is Ice and Iceland is Green A Short Trip to the Arctic (2001)

Conquest and Redemption:   
Cuba, Panama & Guatemala (2001)
Patagonia & Rio De La Plata
Journey through Argentina, Southern Chile & Uruguay (2000)
Caribbean Paradises: Dispatches from visits to the fabled isles: Barbados (2008), Cayman Islands (2009), Dominica (2008), Grenada (2008), Guadeloupe (2008), Jamaica (2009), Martinique (2008), St Lucia (2008), St Vincent & the Grenadines (2008), Trinidad and Tobago (2008), Turks and Caicos Islands (2009)

TWC's 2002 Round The World Journey

- South America including Brazil, Paraguay, Chile/Easter Island, Peru, Ecuador/Galapagos Islands, Colombia

- Central America including Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Mexico, Bahamas

Guianas: Land of Many Waters: 

Guyana, Suriname & French Guiana (2008)

Venezuela: Angel Falls, Mysterious Tepuis and the Andes (2009)
Dominican Republic: Voodooing around Hispaniola (2009)
Haiti: Voodooing around Hispaniola (2009)


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