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South East Asia

Wee Cheng's Adventures in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore / Round The World 2002 / Eurasia / South East Asia 

Tan Wee Cheng, Singapore




The Route

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Laos: Lazy Days Along The Mekong - Travel Stories - Gallery 1 (Louang Phrabang) - Gallery 2 (Vientiane) 
Vietnam: Brave Nation, Beautiful Country - Travel Stories - Gallery 1 (Ancient Hanoi & Halong Bay) - Gallery 2 (Hill Tribes Of Sapa) - Gallery 3 (Charming Imperial Hue) - Gallery 4 (The Old Champa Empire) - Gallery 5 (Central Vietnam: Hoi An & Nha Trang)  - Gallery 6 (Ho Chi Minh City & Mekong Delta)  - Gallery 7 (Tay Ninh: Holy See Of The Cao Dai Religion) 
Cambodia: Poor Little Rich Cambodia - Travel Stories - Gallery 1 (Phnom Penh & The Killing Fields) - Gallery 2a (Glories of Angkor) - Gallery 2b (Colours of Angkor) - Gallery 2c (Magical Carvings of Angkor) - Gallery 3 (Siem Reap & The Real Cambodia)  

Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore: The Rush Home - Travel Stories - Gallery 1 (Bangkok - Kuala Lumpur - Singapore) Gallery 2 (The Magic of Ramakien - Thai Version of the Ramayana Epic)

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